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We believe that you should have control of your information. You can review or edit your account information, including your marketing preferences, location data, notification settings and account deletion controls by visiting your dashboard.

You can also request the rectification of your information by us.  You can request that we delete your information, and Marketin9 will carry out this request unless certain exceptional reasons arise permitting Marketin9 to keep certain information about you.

You also have the right to obtain a copy of your information in an easily accessible format.  In certain circumstances, you can also request that we transfer some of your information to third parties. Marketin9 will help you exercise these important rights. In this case, you should contact us via mail help@


1.1. The website is managed by:

ORION MEDIA GROUP spolka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnoscia sp. k.
Nieklanska 35/3
03-924 Warsaw, Poland
VAT: PL1132869511
Regon 146909237
NR KRS 0000480304,

which is the Website Administrator.

1.2. This Privacy Policy refers to (“the Website”) and to each user (“User”) of the Website, including registered Advertisers and Publishers.

1.3. The Website hereby informs that all the content found on the Website is protected by law, including copyright or property rights related to the registration of trademarks, and as such may not be used without the consent of the authorised party, expressed in writing under pain of nullity, except for the permitted personal use of the works.

1.4. Any activities exceeding the abovementioned permitted use are prohibited and may result in civil and criminal liability.

1.5. The Administrator shall make every effort to protect the Users’ privacy. The Administrator shall take all the legally required precautions to ensure that all the data, including the personal data shared by the Users, is protected against loss, destruction, disclosure, unauthorised access and improper use. By taking appropriate measures, the Users may also contribute to increasing the security of their data, including personal data on the Internet (i.a. by changing the access password frequently, using a combination of letters and numbers in the password).

1.6. The Administrator shall not be accountable for the privacy rules followed by the Internet websites that the User will access through the links found on the Website pages.

1.7. The Users shall be notified electronically of all the amendments in the provisions of the Privacy Policy, resulting in particular from expanding the portfolio of services offered on the Website, Website modernisation, and amendments in the privacy law.

1.8. If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy, please refrain from using the Website services.

2. The Administrator’s Privileges

2.1. The Administrator reserves the right to introduce any modifications to the Website content, including this Privacy Policy, which shall be binding for each User. In particular, the Administrator shall have the right to adjust the information uploaded on the Website, to update the data or delete specific content, also without prior notification sent to the Users.

2.2. The Administrator reserves the right to send unannounced messages to the people who agreed with the Privacy Policy. Unannounced messages shall be understood as information directly related to the Website activity (e.g. modifications, new functions). Also, non-commercial letters and business information may be sent to the people whose data has been shared with the Website, whereas such information shall be filtered, sent occasionally and the volume of such messages shall be limited.

3. Personal data processing

3.1. Personal data shall be processed in accordance with the purpose of the service provision and it is the data that the User shares with regard to an interest expressed in the services offered by the Website, including the data provided upon registration on the Website and upon subscribing to the online services, whereby the User agrees to have his/her data processed by the Administrator for the purpose of the service provision.

3.2. The Administrator shall also entrust data processing in order to make it possible to process the order, issue the invoice, perform the agreement, etc., for the time needed to complete these activities.

3.3. The Administrator is authorised to process personal data for other legally justified purposes and goals pursued by the Administrator and its partners, including direct marketing of its own products or services, or direct marketing of the products and services offered by the Administrator’s partners.

3.4. The User also agrees to receive business information related to the direct marketing of products or services offered by the Administrator or its business partners, including newsletters, will be addressed to a designated recipient via online communication, in particular e-mail, with the use of the data obtained by the Administrator in the process of registration or using the Website. The Administrator may use automatic systems for the abovementioned purposes.

3.5. The User may view, amend, update and delete his/her own personal data at any time. The Service Provider makes it possible to amend the data on the Website and by e-mails sent to help@

3.6. Providing the data by the User is voluntary, although the provision of the service may not be possible without sharing the data.

3.7. The Administrator may entrust another entity with processing the User’s personal data, pursuant to a written agreement, in order for the Administrator to perform the relevant services. An entity that the Administrator has entrusted with personal data processing, pursuant to the abovementioned rules, shall have the right to entrust the data processing further, subject to the terms and conditions as stipulated above and for the abovementioned purposes. The User shall have the right to: obtain information as to whether and to what extent his/her personal data is processed, to access his/her personal data and to demand an update to his/her personal data or the discontinuation of data processing.

3.8. Information that you provide to us – we collect the information you provide to us in order to enable us to operate and provide our Services, including:

  • When you create an account with a Marketin9. (please note that, when you use our Services, we may recognise you or your devices even if you are not signed in to our Services.)
  • Marketin9 may use device IDs, cookies and other signals, including information obtained from third parties, to associate accounts and/or devices with you.
  • When you use our Services to communicate with others or post, upload or store content (such as articles, photos, videos).
  • When using our Services require your financial information or complete transactions with us or our business partners, we may collect your payment and billing information in order to provide you with those paid Services. We may remember the payment information that you entered during a prior purchase for paid Services and provide you with the option to use that payment information during the purchase of a new service.
  • We collect information from your devices (computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.) in order to provide you with our Services, including information about how you interact with our Services and those of our third-party partners and information that allows us to recognise and associate your activity across devices and Services.  This information includes device-specific identifiers and information such as IP address, cookie information, mobile device and browser version, operating system type and version, mobile network information, device settings and software data.
  • We collect location information from a variety of sources.  You can learn more about and manage by visiting the location settings tool on your devices.

4. Newsletter

4.1. The Administrator offers a Newsletter service available to the Users; as part of the service, messages will be sent by the Administrator to the User’s e-mail address, related to the subject matter selected by the Administrator, in particular, the products and services offered by the Administrator.

4.2. The newsletter service is provided free of charge. The newsletter service may be subscribed through a form available on the Website, and then the User will have to click on the link sent to the e-mail address provided by the User upon subscription. The User may resign from the service at any time, with immediate effect, by reporting a relevant request to the Administrator. Each message sent by the Administrator as part of the newsletter service includes a link that makes it possible to discontinue the service (the resignation link). The Administrator will send relevant messages to the e-mail address provided by the User, so as to confirm the commencement and the end of the newsletter service.

4.3. The Administrator is at the same time the administrator of the personal data shared by the Users who are the recipients of the newsletter service.

4.4. At any time shall the User have the right to change the e-mail address, to which the Administrator sends newsletter messages.

5. Indemnity

5.1. Any announcements, advertisements or other similar content uploaded on the Website are for information purposes only and as such cannot be the basis for any claims raised against MARKETIN9 LTD.

5.2. The Website has been established in order to help companies achieve success in an effective promotion. The Website shall not be liable for any content uploaded to the blog, in the comments or in other sections of the website.

6. Information about Cookies

6.1. The Website uses cookies as part of the offered services.

6.2. The entity that installs cookies on the Website User’s end device and gains access to them is the Administrator.

6.3. Cookies usually include the name of the Internet site they come from, as well as a unique number and information on how long they will be stored on the end device. Using cookies makes it possible for the Website to adjust the services and presented content to the individual interests, requirements and needs of a specific User. Cookies are also used for statistical purposes, in order to illustrate how the Users use the Website, to adjust and optimise the Website to the needs of the Users and other people who access the Website, to create viewing statistics for the Website subpages, to customise the marketing messages and to guarantee the security and reliability of the Website operation.

6.4. The User may change the cookies settings on his/her own, at any time, by defining the conditions for storing cookies and the access gained to the User’s end device. Changes of the settings, as described in the previous sentence, may be made by the User through the Internet browser settings or service configuration. These settings may be changed on particular so as to block automatic cookie handling in the Internet browser settings or to inform the User every time cookies are to be installed on his/her device. Detailed information on the manner and options related to handling cookies is available in the software settings (browser settings).

7. Questions & suggestions

If you have questions or suggestions relating to your information or wish to make a complaint, please complete a feedback form, or contact us at:

ORION MEDIA GROUP spolka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnoscia sp. k.
Nieklanska 35/3
03-924 Warsaw, Poland
VAT: PL1132869511
Regon 146909237
NR KRS 0000480304

Without prejudice to any other rights you may have, you also have the right to file a complaint against us with the Information Commissioner’s Office, which is Marketin9’s lead supervisory authority.  You can also complain to the supervisory authority in the EU member state in which you are based. Click here to find your local supervisory authority.

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